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Hello, I'm Tabitha

Hi, I’m Tabitha Skipper. I am a 38 years old hairstylist from Wilmington, NC. 

I work full time at Studio B Salon, and I'm also a wellness coach at FAVE!

My Story

I began my weight loss journey in December 2020 on this program.

I am now 15 pounds down and counting. I fell in love with the products, but I'm even more in love with how I feel using the products. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share this nutrition information with others, so I became an Independent Distributor and Coach in March 2021 after being a preferred member.


I love helping others reach their personal health and wellness goals and just overall feel better in their skin. I have learned it is never too late to make a change to better yourself.


Let me help you achieve what you never thought would be possible for you, just like I did. 

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