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Warm Up on the Beach

Our Services

Our primary objective is to provide solutions that include: healthy living orientation, personalized wellness evaluations, balanced daily nutrition, fitness solutions and coaching in a friendly and social setting.

We retail a complete line of nutritional supplements targeting competitive athletes, weight loss, general and targeted nutrition concerns.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Personalized Wellness Evaluations

  • Body Transformation Challenges

  • Healthy Active Lifestyle Activities

  • Group Exercise 

  • Weight Loss Programs 

  • Personal Training 

  • Sports Nutrition 

  • Meal Planning 

  • Empowerment Classes 

  • Our amazing team of coaches are committed to your health and fitness goals, and help create accountability in supporting your success.




Check our full calendar and RESERVE your spot! 

Tuesdays 7:30am

Saturdays - 9:00am

Ask for Personal Training Sessions and Private Coaching

Private Consultations

Please use the contact form to let us know your availability, or give us a call.

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